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Vulcan Rock n’ Roll Bed System – Yellow / White


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Vulcan Rock n’ Roll Bed System – Yellow / White

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  • ISOFIX available, these are attachment points to allow for the installation of child seats directly onto the bed when it’s in the seating position.
  • M1 Crash Testing: This indicates that the bed has undergone crash testing to meet safety standards for automotive seating. This ensures that the bed is designed to withstand impact forces and provide protection to occupants in the event of a collision.
  • Rock and Roll Mechanism: The “rock and roll” feature typically refers to the ability of the bed to easily convert between a seating position and a bed position. This allows for flexibility in the use of space within the campervan.
  • Upholstered Design: The bed is likely upholstered with comfortable and durable materials, providing a cozy sleeping surface as well as comfortable seating when in the upright position.